EEG Charity will set up animal and wildlife welfare centres. EEG Charities welfare centres will be run by veterinarians and volunteers and help staff. Our aim will be to run a free de-sexing program for low-income families and unwanted or homeless animals. We will supply temporary housing and attempt to find adopting families through our own website or other adoption organisations. EEG Charity will work with local councils and the community so we can continuously lobby to improve the treatment of animals and wildlife. And we will provide aid/treatment to hurt/injured animals or wildlife with temporary housing.         

Our Protection task force team

Eagle-Eye global Charity will only employ people that have successfully completed all training requirements. This ensures we are hiring the best people for the job. All members have been or will be screened for a criminal record, and will have to undergo a physical and a physiological testing process. All applicants will require full medically clearance prior to being employed by Eagle-Eye Global Charity. Diamond Protection was chosen to represent EEG Charity with trained protection task force. Diamond Protection was chosen due to its professionalism, experience and quality assurance guarantee.       

EEG Charity will work with scientific research to help protect the environment and respect nature while working on local and overseas operations.

The purpose & what we want to achieve.

Our principle purpose is the prevention of cruelty to animals

EEG Charity’s principal activity will be one or both of the following: providing short-term direct care to animals (domestic and wildlife) that have been lost or mistreated or are without owners, AND rehabilitating orphaned, sick or injured animals (domestic and wildlife) that have been lost or mistreated or are without owners. EEG Charity may undertake other activities the other activities are secondary to the principal purpose. EEG Charity will focus on its main principal activity and consider several factors, this may include the involvement of staff and volunteers, numbers and types of services provided, expenditure, and uses of facilities and resources.

EEG Charity will take on the massive task of helping homeless and mistreated pets all over the world. This is a massive problem and millions of pets are starving to death due to humans being irresponsible and selfish. EEG Charity will start operations locally then in eastern Europe and work our way into other regions of the world. We will have care centres and a de-sexing program that will stop homeless animals breading this will reduce the homeless problem into the future.      

We will also take on the illegal animal fighting trade and other cruelty operations there are animals being mistreated in cruelty farms, they are kept locked up in cages all day and feed very poorly. EEG Charity will investigate illegal operations and report to the authorities for arrest and/or prosecution.

EEG Charity will aim to have joint operations with the local or federal authorities to help stop animal cruelty, and support other foundations by providing them with our protection task force to assist achieving their mission saving animals and wildlife.   


“Humans are causing species extinction at an alarming rate of over 500 times higher than nature can sustain. EEG Charity will take on the massive task of trying to change the human’s behaviour towards animals and wildlife extinction dangers.”

Setting up a charity is the best way to achieve our goals.

By setting up a charity we can get the community and governments involved to tackle this major problem, the charity will fund and support the protection task force that will protect and rescue animals and wildlife. Prior to starting EEG Charity the founder contacted many other charities offering them a trained task force to help with operations, sadly no charity wanted to partner with the task force. With so many foundations and charities helping animals and wildlife they should have solved the problem by now! EEG charity will support other groups/charities helping or saving animals and wildlife for real, this will be done by donating a well-trained team to support them on dangerous missions.

The truth is less than 5% of collected monies from most charity end up helping animals and wildlife with no real solution in solving this problem, EEG Charity’s plan will be to take a heavy handed approach to animal cruelty, we have specialists that will try stopping the problem from organisation profiting from Poaching and Animal cruelty activities. EEG charity has ex-Special Forces soldiers ready to do want needs to be done to achieve this important mission, that’s why we had to start a charity to support a protection task force and have welfare centres so we can make a real difference.

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