Corporate Sponsorships

Being a sponsor of EEG Charity sends a proactive message to the community, showing that your company is committed to making a difference for the greater good of animals and wildlife welfare. With your support we can achieve our goals and protect animals and wildlife from poaching and cruelty.

We can tailor a sponsorship to meet your business needs and offer your company fantastic opportunities to be part of our marketing plan. There are many ways that your company can benefit if you become a sponsor of EEG Charity we have a high profile contact base in vast areas this includes:

  • Main sponsor will have naming rights to our welfare centre included with
  • Television and radio advertising- we will promote your company to a worldwide audience
  • Your companies logo on our website and/or clothing offers, media space and endless opportunities for your company to benefit and network through the sponsor program.
  • Free VIP attendance to our charity balls including drinks, food and entertainment, EEG Charity already has the support of members like  doctors, surgeons, vets, psychologist’s, radio and TV personalities, sports stars and people in the entertainment industry this is just to mention a few of our current supporters. Our charity balls with be a fantastic night and a great way to network your company.
  • Corporate seating/boxes to major sporting, entertainment or social events and there are many other fantastic programs we can offer.
  • Your event sponsorship –EEG Charity can support your local events this will done by advertising your company’s events and if needed assisting your company set up an event.
  • EEG Charity will also have reports that will keep you up to date with our progress and future events.  

For more information on corporate sponsorship please contact our team for a more personalised service, corporate sponsorships can be structured to your company needs or preferences.

Reward payment program

EEG Charity will have a reward payment program for reporting animal cruelty and giving information that leads to prosecution, the reward amounts will be determined by how valuable and reliable the information provided will be.

People may also chose to stay anonymous when reporting animal cruelty operation, but we must advice that all reward payments made in our program will done only once the offenders have been charged or prosecuted.

Animal cruelty can be stopped by reporting it to EEG Charity or your local law enforcement. Acts of violence towards animals, animal neglect and even psychological harm are all forms of animal cruelty and can lead to imprisonment. Each state/country has legislation that prohibits animal cruelty or harming animals in any way. If you report this matter to EEG Charity you can be rewarded with cash payment upon successful prosecution of offenders.

EEG Charity Volunteering Program

Our volunteers will play a vital role in helping EEG Charity’s customer service department and general operations, EEG Charity will only employ people whom have worked as volunteer’s first this way we will reward the right people that have proven their abilities. EEG Charity will require customer service assistants, Vets and general charity operations volunteers there will be great incentives to being a volunteer for EEG Charity this will be discussed at the interview process.

Volunteers will help with administrative tasks and assist with fundraising, promotions and special events. EEG Charity volunteers will be a very important part of providing a great service to the public and our corporate sponsors, volunteers get more job offers due to your generous nature and will be provided with a certificate of service. EEG Charity will only employ people from our volunteer program, this way we reward the right people and you get to safe lives which is the best reward of all.

For more information about volunteering or if you would like to join EEG Charity please contact us via the website or call our office during business hours.


EEG Charity has been donated music all proceeds will be paid into the Charities cause directly,
for less than a $1.00 you can buy a song and help us save Animals and Wildlife all over the world.

In regards to the music sales we will offer any song for $0.69 each or all 4 songs for $1.99