What we are all about.

Eagle Eye Global Charity was created around an unfaltering belief that we have a responsibility to care for the earth, and every living creature on it.

Animals play essentials roles in the livelihood of the planet, society and every single individual. And as the most advanced and populous species in existence, humans have a duty of care to act consciously in respect of that.

EEG Charity has been purposely developed as a multi-functional organisation to address issues of ill treatment towards wildlife and pets. In doing so we aim to get to the root of issues, not merely treat the unfortunate results of bad behaviour and corrupt industry.

Our method entails focussing on five approaches, in the aim of having holistic and long-lasting impact:

Rescue and Protection (for those who can’t protect themselves)

Housing and safety zones for unwanted pets, injured animals and wildlife

Support and Preservation (to work for a better future)

Animal welfare centres with a de-sexing program for stray or unwanted animals

Empowerment (to give you a way to make a difference)

Provision of a telephone hotline for reporting animal cruelty practices and poaching activity

Team Work and Action (so that we can work with the best of the best)

Work with and support local and overseas governments to stop poaching at the source
Work with and support existing foundations and crusaders working for the same cause

Accountability (so that wrong-doings are exposed)

Work for full prosecution of offenders at every level we encounter

Countless species are at risk of extinction thanks to humans today

You can be sure your contribution goes directly to the fight against animal cruelty. Be part of the fight and support our active initiatives. Please give, so that they can live.

The Founders and Team:

Eagle-Eye Global Charity team have over 42 years’ experience in many areas from customer service, successfully businesses owners, police and military operations, the founder is an ex-Special Forces Soldier that have worked for government agencies and in the private sector.

Our founder, Michael Ristovski

Michael comes from a diverse background – from qualifications in business management and transport, to work in fields of intelligence operations, safety and awareness and expertise in unarmed combat. The list goes on. To put it simply, Michael has spent his entire life protecting people. But in his global experience doing this and being exposed to the cruelties of the world, he realised that his passion for animals was what he wanted to act on.
In developing a plan to create a task force out of the contacts he had made in his career so far, to take real action on getting to the roots of the animal cruelty crisis, Eagle Eye Global Charity was born.

Michael has two cats, Squila and Ally , an Irish wolfhound named Jazmin who loves the beach, and a lorikeet named Gigi who loves to fly around the backyard.


Our director, Frank Luci

Frank is our Director. Born and bred in Melbourne, he has 38 years of experience as a Communications Expert working on Voice and Data products. For four years he has been working with Michael developing a workable module to address the horrific incidences of animal cruelty that occur today. He is committed to research and to building valuable contacts locally and internationally in order to protect the animals of the world.

And because he has so much free time with a wife and three children and his cat Oscar (who is a great listener), he also plays in a band to indulge his love of music.


Our Public Officer, Julie Tolliday

Julie is our Public Officer at EEGC. She has 33 years of experience as a business owner, and is like the rest of us, a passionate animal lover. Being herself a supporter of the Bali Street Dogs charity, she jumped at the chance to make a difference when she came across our cause.

Julie has a family, and a little black French poodle named Louie who’s favourite food is roast beef.


Our Company secretary, Brett Adamson

Brett has extensive experience as a Victorian Police Force member, an Army Reserves member and a Health and Fitness coach. This has seen him work with all sorts of individuals and teams, and work with various clubs and committees to develop local communities. And now he is to committing his skill sets to protecting the future of our animals and wildlife.