15 Apr
  • By Georgio
  • Cause in Africa

With your support we can help them live.

EEG Charity will take a heavy handed approach to animal cruelty and poaching.

Elephants face a scary and uncertain future in many locations on earth there are many dangers, and forever changing environments they have to deal with mainly due to humans overpopulating their living space. For example, in South Africa and Asia the major threat is their loss of habitat because of increasing human populations. There is also the lucrative ivory trade across the globe continuing to poach elephants for ivory regardless, of the dwindling global elephant population.

While most parts of the world are experiencing near-extinction of elephant populations, parts of southern Africa in particular Botswana are coping with an overpopulation but still have a healthy elephant population. The main reasons they have been successful is due to the incredible efforts to have large protected national park areas, game reserves, and wildlife management areas.

EEG Charity will have proposals to place elephants on Appendix 1 of the Convention on International Trade in endangered species, also lobby to have harsher penalties and consequences for poachers. EEG Charity will send our protection task force to protect them!

Please help us protect elephants it’s not their fault humans greed has no end! Please help us so we can protect them while we still have a chance!

The Rhinos Problem

More than 150 rhinos have been killed in South Africa this year alone, this is almost double the figures released only a month ago and almost half of the total number of rhinos killed in the entire of 2010. EEG Charity is ready to do something about the current poaching crisis the rate of poaching incidents is raising at a rapid pace. Please help us so we can help them live!



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