03 Mar
  • By Georgio
  • Cause in America

The Wildlife Trade

Do not buy wildlife, or products made out of wildlife. It is everyone’s duty to avoid participating in the illegal wildlife trade. Every time you buy wildlife, or wildlife products, you’re contributing to animal suffering and environmental damage. Your money is funding the horrors of the poaching industry and cruel farms that tear wild animals from their natural habitat and put them through unthinkable agony.

Make compassionate purchases and careful decisions before buying products made from animals. Do the research and know what you are buying. Because knowledge is the most powerful tool we have when it comes to breaking the cycle of demand and supply that keeps these industries functioning. 

Please report any suspicious activity that you may encounter.

We can’t afford to turn a blind eye to the problem anymore!

The international wildlife trade threatens the survival of earth’s precious animal kingdom, and results in the inhumane treatment of billions of animals every year, domestic and wild.

Avoid contributing to the problem and report animal cruelty. Be part of the solution. You can do it, and you will feel amazing when you do.


too sad to see people destroy wildlife !!

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