29 Jan
  • By Georgio
  • Cause in Africa

The Tigers are struggling to survive

The climate is forever changing and the planet is feeling the heat. And so is the tiger population. As the ocean levels are rising and the weather patterns morphing into more aggressive seasons, tigers are losing habitat due to costal erosion in areas like India’s Sundarban islands. The rising sea levels are claiming more land, and sea water is moving into river systems. Natural fresh water is becoming less available and highly concentrated with salt.

This is just one of the factors forcing the tigers to move north towards more human populated areas. And sadly this just increases the chances of animal/human conflicts.

Tigers are also facing many other threats like being killed or poached because of their pelts. Their pelts are still very valuable in the black market trade. Tiger body parts are used in traditional Asian medicines and humans see tigers as threats to human communities.

There is large scale habitat lost due of the forever growth of human population and expansion. Human encroachment into tiger habitat also decreases prey animals this mean there are many Tigers facing Starvation.

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