29 Jan
  • By Georgio
  • Cause in Australia

Climate Change: How the damage we do harms innocent animals

Rising temperatures, both in weather patterns and in the ocean, are creating irreversible damage to very delicate ecosystems. And as this damage progresses and increases, as does the likelihood that we will lose more and more species crucial to the cycle of nature and the survival of our planet (and therefore us).

The Golden Toad of South America was the first species to have gone extinct as a tragic result of climate change. And unfortunately there are many many more at risk right now. It’s not just polar bears who use sea ice in their day to day survival mechanics. It’s also penguins who feed upon the krill that live on the underside of the ice caps, that are fast disappearing. It’s the animals that live in very specialised habitats, the tops of mountains and the coast lines. The ones that live amongst the most beautiful coral reefs that suffering through heating and bleaching, making it impossible for algae to breed and feed larger sea life.

This is a prime example of the interconnected nature of our existence. If we don’t act to reduce our emissions, our over-harvesting of the oceans, and our self-focussed lifestyles, we are leading the entire world to slaughter.

That is the honest truth. We don’t think we should sugar coat it.



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