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Report Cruelty


Please report animal cruelty you can save the lives of many innocent animals. Be brave! Do the right thing and report animal cruelty! There’s a hero in you!

Welcome and thank you for supporting our
cause to save animals and wildlife.

We don’t pay any board members, owners or shareholders so your donation will be used to aid our cause.
Your valuable support means the world to the animal kingdom and will aid us in achieving the following

Housing and safety farms for unwanted pets injured animals and wildlife.
Animal welfare centres with a de-sexing program for stray or unwanted animals, first locally then in poorer countries.
Provide a telephone hotline so anyone can report animal cruelty practices and poaching activity.
Fund a fully trained and accredited protection task Force to help stop poaching and save animals from cruelty.
EEG Charity will work with and support local and overseas governments to stop poaching at the source
and ensure full prosecution to offenders by the police force.
EEG Charity will operate mainly in Australia then Europe, Africa, South America, USA and other important locations.
Eagle Eye Global Charity will also support existing crusaders/foundations protecting animals and wildlife.
Eagle Eye Global will have a reward system for information leading to prosecution of know animal cruelty practices or poaching activity.

Eagle Eye Global Donation
Donating to Eagle Eye Global Charity contributes directly to defending the animals of our world. We are privileged to live in such a beautiful world, and to benefit from the delicate ecosystems that every living things contributes to the balance of. Every animal is unique, incredible, needed and deserving of a happy life. Please help us help them by donating to the fight against animal cruelty. Together we really can take action, make a difference, and a better future.

Homeless animals in eastern Europe and growing


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We will keep an Eagle Eye on Animal Welfare!

The situation has become vital to help animals and wildlife survive into the future

The earth, humans and our animal kingdom are all deeply connected and the existence of humans and many species depends on the survival of others. Humans have disconnected from nature as many of us have become consumed by wealth and needs, the truth is there are many animals we rely on for our benefit and wellbeing. Believe it or not many animals actually help people just by performing their natural roles in their environment and we’re benefiting from their services at no cost! EEG Charity has a plan to help prevent animal cruelty, poaching and aid the homeless animal problem, we will achieve this by having a protection task force to protect animals and welfare centres with a free de-sexing program for homeless animals. EEG Charity is a great way to give something back for the lifestyle we have been given, please consider becoming a sponsor your support means the world to them.


EEG Charity has been donated music all proceeds will be paid into the charity’s cause directly,
for less than a $1.00 you can buy a song and help us save animals and wildlife all over the world.

In regards to the music sales we will offer any song for $0.69 each or all 4 songs for $1.99


15 Apr

With your support we can help them live.

  • By Georgio
  • Cause in Africa
Elephants face a scary and uncertain future in many locations on Earth there are many dangers, and forever changing environments they have to deal with mainly due to humans overpopulating their living space.
03 Mar

The Wildlife Trade

  • By Georgio
  • Cause in America
Do not buy Wildlife or products made out of wildlife and avoid participating in the illegal wildlife trade, every time you buy wildlife or wildlife products you’re contributing to animal suffering and environmental damage. Your money is funding the.
29 Jan

Climate Change: How the damage we do harms innocent animals

  • By Georgio
  • Cause in Australia
Rising temperatures, both in weather patterns and in the ocean, are creating irreversible damage to very delicate ecosystems. And as this damage progresses and increases, as does the likelihood that we will lose more and more species crucial to.
29 Jan

The Tigers are struggling to survive

  • By Georgio
  • Cause in Africa
The climate is forever changing and the planet is feeling the heat so is the tiger population, the ocean levels are rising and tigers are losing habitat due to costal erosion in areas like India's Sundarban islands.
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We will keep an Eagle Eye on Animal Welfare!